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Hi, and thanks for stopping by! Some people know me as Shmuel, others as Sam, and yet others as Rabbi Reich. I’m good with any of those, so what I’m called is not all that important. What is important, though, is what I do, so here goes:

Those who live with challenges of ADHD know that they include a lot more than just those mentioned in the name - erratic attention and hyperactivity. ADHD also affects one’s ability to plan ahead, prioritize tasks, and one’s short term memory, among other things. All of these symptoms can present distinct challenges at home, school, and the workplace. Chronic lateness, falling behind in chores, projects, and other responsibilities, poor sleeping habits, and impulsive behavior can turn into a highly frustrating norm. As an ADHD coach my mission is to help people navigate these challenges.

The coaching method is a collaborative one. This means that the preferred solutions are the ones thought of by the client. 

Clients and I work together to find the best strategies to suit their unique situations, personalities, and strengths. I use something called a “strength based approach”. What this means is that we identify a client’s strengths and use them as a starting point to create effective routines and new, healthier habits.

In my work with adults I help them become more productive at work - whether it means minimizing external distractions, staying on task, or relating better with employers and coworkers. I also help them become more settled at home. This can include establishing routines for waking up on time, building healthy relationships with spouses and children, addressing chores such as driving carpool and paying bills, and getting sufficient sleep.

As an ADHD coach for teens I help them create strategies to succeed both in school and at home. Challenges in school can include regularly coming late to class, handing in work late, disruptive behavior in class, and difficulty focusing both in class and while studying or doing homework. Challenges at home can include impulsive or immature behavior, or emotional dysregulation - all of which can lead to strained relationships with parents, siblings, or even extended family or neighbors.

In coaching for symptoms of anxiety and/or OCD I use modalities such as mindfulness, CBT, ACT, and ERP to help clients spend less time lost in frustrating and distracting ruminations and get back to the task they mean to be doing.

Does this sound like it can be helpful to you or someone you know? If so, check out how to contact me. During our complimentary phone conversation we can determine whether or not I’m the right fit you. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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In case you were curious (which I guess you are if you are reading this section;) here’s a little more about me.


I earned a First Talmudic Degree at Yeshiva Shaar Hatorah in Queens, NY (2006) and then followed with rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Betzalel Rudinsky (2013).


After teaching Judaic studies for a few (really fun!) years at Yeshivas Ohr Reuven in Suffern, NY, I trained to become a coach as well. I studied life coaching under Dr. Joshua Ritchie at the Refuah Institute, finishing with certification as a professional coach from the American Association of Professional Coaches. I then qualified in ADHD Coaching, both at Impact Coaching Academy, and under the tutelage of Carol Gignoux at Live ADHD Free. (Sadly, Carol passed away in 2022. May her soul rest in peace.)

Some time after beginning my ADHD coaching practice, I realized that many of my clients were also struggling with anxiety and/or OCD. I returned to the Refuah Institue to study coaching for anxiety, and obtained a diploma from Open College of the UK in OCD Studies. 

I continue to teach Halacha (Jewish Law) and Talmud at Yeshivas Ohr Reuven in Suffern, NY, in addition to my private ADHD coaching practice.

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